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Wetterlings Ax

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  • Wetterlings Ax

    Product Tested: Wetterlings 20" hunting ax

    Price paid, where purchased:
    $35 Ebay

    Similar products tried:
    Estwing, Plumb,

    How long/where tested:
    1 year

    Rating: 1 to 5

    I prefer an ax to a saw for backpacking due to it's versatility. I've carried many types and weights over the years. This ax has the best of both worlds, made of Swedish handforged steel and a Rockwell hardness of 58 it holds an edge like nothing I've ever used. The strong 20" Hickory handle gives power in the swing. It has a 1.5lb head that makes it very light to carry, with an overall weight of only 2lbs,7oz. It has a flat pole on the back to drive stakes with and fits very nicely inside the compression straps of my pack.
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