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JetBoil stove

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  • JetBoil stove

    Product Tested: jetboil stove

    Price paid, where purchased: i was able to obtain a professional discount, so i paid only $45. normally the stove retails for $90.

    Similar products tried: i've used cheap propane stoves. made and used a few pepsi can stoves, then got this stove.

    How long/where tested:i've had the jetboil now for 6 months. i've used it a couple dozen times in temps ranging from +80 to -15. at elevations from 500' to 3500'

    Rating 1 to 5: 4 stars

    Summary: what i like best about the jetboil is that it is a compact -about the size of nalgene bottle- cooking system. the stove and fuel canister fit inside the insulated 1 Liter mug nicely. total weight with a full fuel canister is about a pound.
    like any canister stove, it has trouble pressurizing at lower temps and efficiency is lost. i've found that by heating a couple onces of water first, and placing the fuel canister in the hot water- the stove continues to work well into the negative teens.
    Boil times are generally 2-3 minutes for 2 cups of water.

    negatives with this stove - limited capacity for melting snow in winter.
    sole purpose is to boil water - if you're a back country chef this stove is not for you.
    if you're a dehydrated meal kind of backpacker like me - it's great.
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