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Outdoor Research Basic Sleeping Bag Cover

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  • Outdoor Research Basic Sleeping Bag Cover

    Not to be confused with their basic Bivy. The difference between the two, as far as I can discern is that the Bivy has a gore-tex upper and the cover doesn't.

    I have used the cover twice, once in a lean-to at Copperas Pond with temps down to 10, and at Cod Pond in my tent with the temp at 0 or below.

    In both cases the bivy worked like a charm. It was used over a EMS Solstice 5-25 degree bag in 5 degree mode. The two straps on the inside for the purpose of holding a sleeping pad (in this case a Thermorest Prolight 3) in place worked like a charm. In neither situation was it necessary to use a liner, I was warm and toastie all night.

    One difference I noticed between it and the Basic Bivy, which Kevin had at Copperas under the same conditions of curse, was that the Bivy had a little condensation, the sleeping bag cover did not. I understant that this is the reason for not using the gore tex with the cover.

    The cover can be used in a tent, lean-to, under a tarp and under the stars on a clear night. Unlike the bivy, it should not be used as a stand alone shelter in the rain or snow.

    It has no see-um netting which can be zipped up tp keep bugs out or can be tucked under, out od the way. It can also be zipped shut to fully protest from the wind (which is another of it's strong points, or the hood frod can be shapped down out of the way.

    The only drawback to the cover is that it is mummy shaped at the bottom and if you need to put your boots in to jeep them warm, it tends to be a little crowded, which I can deal with but, neverthe less.......................

    At $99.00, which is what I paid for it at Campmor, it does everything its says it will and it does it well. I am very happy with it.

    Compared to other sleeping bag covers I have used in the past, this is the best yet.

    Rating five star
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