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Gear Review Procedures - Please Read Before Submitting Review

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  • Gear Review Procedures - Please Read Before Submitting Review

    The purpose of this section is to have short, concise reviews of outdoor products which you have had personal experience with.

    Please make the product name and use obvious in the title so that others can find your review easily when browsing.

    multiple reveiws of the same product by different users are always appreciated

    Please stick to the following template if possible (recommend copying and pasting this into your review):

    Product Tested:

    Price paid, where purchased:


    Similar products tried:

    How long/where tested:

    Rating 1 to 5:


    In short, the place to be fun, creative, or discuss a product is a gear thread.

    With gear reviews, please just stick to the facts!

    If you would like to discuss the product, please start a thread or PM the writer of the review. please do not reply to the review. the review will be blocked from replies shortly after being posted

    When you write a review please use the "thread rating tool" to rate the gear.

    Please PM Fvrwld or myself with any questions on writing a review.
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    We appreciate the time that everyone takes to submit gear reviews BUT...There have several gear reviews written lately that have strayed from the original template. Please stick to the above template. When done please PM either fvrwld or sacco to have the thread closed. The gear review section is for reviews and not discussion. Threads started in the "Gear Reviews" section that do not follow the above template will be moved to the "Gear, Food, and Survival" section.

    Thank You
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