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enLIGHTened Equipment ProdigyX 30° Quilt

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  • enLIGHTened Equipment ProdigyX 30° Quilt

    Product Tested: enLIGHTened Equipment ProdigyX 30° Top Quilt

    Price paid, where purchased: $155,

    Size/Weight: 6' long, Wide option/30oz

    Similar products tried: Mountain HW Lamina 20° Mummy

    How long/where tested: 2 nights down to 35°

    Rating 1 to 5: 5++


    Less than 2 pounds, extremely warm even in damp weather (this past weekend was cool and damp and I stayed toasty warm), and custom made to order... what more could you ask for?

    I absolutely love these quilts and am sold on the whole quilt idea. I've hated mummy bags with a passion since my first one. I've never slept good in one. Yeah they are warm but if you move in the night they are the worst. I switched to semi-rectangular bags a few years back but they are hard to find in light weight form and I would often use it as a quilt; the added weight of the under section was never needed with a good sleeping pad.

    I recently tried a new mummy bag but quickly returned it. It was a nice bag, seemed like it would be warm but I knew by the feel I would hate it for real sleeping. In warmer weather it would have been miserable.

    The quilt is great. It has a convertible foot box which can be used in colder weather along with snaps and straps to attach snugly to your sleeping pad. This keeps the feet nice and warm and wraps to your body to keep out drafts. In warmer weather it can just be a plain old blanket. Kick it on and off through the night to regulate your temp... GREAT!

    I am a warm sleeper and I used mine with the footbox zipped up this weekend. I didn't use the straps as I like some freedom for movement. Also why I got the wide option. I did obviously get some drafts when I would roll around in this configuration but for me it isn't bothersome. As soon as I settle I warm right back up. If it were really cold I would have kept it tighter to me and the pad to minimize this.

    The X series are cosmetic second fabrics. I've yet to notice a flaw in it though. The workmanship and material is excellent. Everything is quality right down to the stuff and storage sacks that come with it. All hand made in the US too!

    Well worth the money and the owner Tim was more than willing to bend over backwards to make sure everything was spot on - he will exchange or return up to 60 days after even if you use them. How is that for a guarantee!

    The one thing that concerns me is the lack of baffles in the synthetic quilts. The insulation doesn't seem to shift though. We'll see how long it will last but I'm confident if it did it could be fixed for a small fee. For now it stays where it is and there are no cold spots.

    This is probably the best piece of gear I have ever bought for many reasons. If you don't sleep well in mummy's, I'd check these out.
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    Nice review! I too can't stand mummy bags. Have been using a full rectangular. But the size and weight advantages of the enLIGHTened Equipment quilts sounded appealing so I got a Revelation X last year, but have yet to use it. 30ºF and the additional 20% overfill or whatever it was.

    I plan on using it for the first time later this week camping by Johns Brook Lodge. I have an insulated pad I plan on using with the quilt, but was hoping for most midsummer trips I could use my uninsulated Nemo Astro 2.5" pad. Its been so hot lately, but looks like its cooling back down by the time I'm there with overnight lows 50-55. Really wanted to go lightweight but concerned it might be too cool with a quilt and uninsulated pad.
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      Just wanted to make a quick follow up on my first trip with my enLIGHTened Equipment quilt... it met and surpassed all my expectations. I was concerned with the temp rating, and using an uninsulated pad. Weather report says nearby keen valley hit 36ºF one of the nights of my trip (July 26th). I wore my running tights, 200 weight (baselayer) wool shirt, wool socks, and skull cap, and even with uninsulated pad I was fine.

      I love the non-confined feeling of the quilt! Was easier to roll over and such in the night. Couldnt be happier.
      Shoes not required

      44/46 Almost there!
      26/46 barefoot
      ADK Black River Chapter


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        Little late to the party here, but I've had the Revelation X 30° for over a year, and its awesome.

        I taken it down to 20° or so, with under garments and a Big Agnes insulated aircore. Not super warm and cozy, but it wasn't cold either.

        Surpassed my expectations for the temps.