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Thermarest Prolite 4

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  • Thermarest Prolite 4

    Product Tested: Thermarest Prolite 4 sleeping pad

    Price paid, where purchased: $89 EMS (regular size), plus $13 stuff sack

    Size/Weight: 1lb 8oz

    Similar products tried: 2" Insul-mat and basic ems 1" sleeping pad, foam pads

    How long/where tested: single trip (but GF had one, tested that one as well)

    Rating 1 to 5: 5

    The girl friend has one, and I tested it and was impressed. So when it became apparent my Insul-mat's valve was starting to leak (and I couldn't retain loft for more than 8 hours at a time), I decided to return the Insulmat and trade-up to the Prolite 4.

    The single night of testing was warm (45-50F), but it did the trick just fine. The loft is great and I woke with no stiffness or soreness on either side, which was the norm with the Insulmat.

    Guess neither myself or the EMS clerk thought to check the stuff sack I bought, because the stuff sack was for a short and I had purchased the regular sized mattress. Despite this fact I was able to roll and reroll the mattress 3 times to finally get it to fit. Impressive how small you can actually get it packed!

    The weight (1.5 pounds) is good for the rating and comfort. I have my doubts to how well it will work in the winter, and will probably bring an extra foam mattress (light weight) as an insulating barrier anyway.

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    I'm just going to address one thing that Kevin couldn't....

    I have the prolite III and it worked fine with my 5 degree sleeping bag. I used it at Copperas Pond, Cod Pond and up at Indian Lake in below freezing temperatures.

    I was warm as toast and very comfortable in the bag.
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