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Wooden Snowshoe repair??

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  • Wooden Snowshoe repair??

    Does anyone know someone who repairs wooden snowshoes locally? By the way Locally means, somewhere between utica and albany, and oneonta, and northville. I tried to take them back to havlicks to fix them, but They told me they dont even work on wooden shoes anymore, only aluminum. ButI just can't get along without my old wooden shoes. By the way they are strung with neoprene, not rawhide, if it makes a difference to the repairman. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Contact Carl Heilman. He'll point you straight as an arrow.
    I just looked at mine today, the ones he made me. Dated April 4th 1988
    Almost 20 and holy beans!!! Awesome, just awesome they are.
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      If anyone is interested, I found I guy in Broadalbin who relaced my shoes for me, very quickly and did a nice job, I think. I don't know If I should post his name here, but if anyone wants to know, they can pm me.


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        If its a place of business, post their name and contact info. They love free publicity, as most the members on here are potential customers for either purchase or repair. If its just a "friend of a friend" then yeah.... we don't want to intrude on his privacy.
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