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  • Sleeping pad

    I store it on top of my sleeping bag with the valve open. I only fold it or roll it when packing for a trip.

    I wipe it down with a mild soap solution as needed.
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    My routine:
    Un-rolled with valve left open

    I carry a patch kit

    I un-roll my self-inflator pad and sleeping bag as soon as possible.

    Then just before hitting the sack I may add a little extra air to the pad.

    Regards, JJW


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      I kep my pad unrolled and the valve open.


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        the prolite 4 is stored unrolled with valve open.

        the Big Agnes IAC is stored semi-inflated (super soft) with the valve closed. since this isn't a self-inflate variety, if I store it with the valve open, it just goes flat which I feel may compress the insulating fill.
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