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Micro-Spike maintenance?

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  • Micro-Spike maintenance?

    OK, this weird winter finally comes to an end in a few days (Yeah, I know. Snow in the forecast). I'm start thinking about putting my winter gear away for the next few months. Usually I do a little post season maintenance to make sure everything survived OK and fix/replace the little things before they get big; snowshoes, poles, boots, clothes, etc.

    Looking back at my hiking log, I realized I used micro-spikes in all but two of my hikes this season. I've never used them this much as they usually sit in their bag in the bottom of the pack.

    I was wondering if anyone has a hint on how to check them for wear and tear and if there's anything I can do to prolong their life. I'll keep storing them in the basement as it's cool and dry and seems to prevent them from getting moldy. Any hints would be appreciated.

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    Moldy? I havent maintained mine in years. Just check each link for security. I had a broken link once.

    Mine non maintained are at least five years old. We did not use them as much this year. Usually other years we use them daily ( our roads are normally icy Dec-Apr, but not this year)

    Also check the rubber for cracks. I have never 303'ed mine and wonder if that might not be a good idea. Thoughts from others?


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      See the waders thread. I use mine when wading slippery rivers, meaning you'd expect extreme wear. I've been doing this for four years and notice no wear at all. My advice? Use 'em 'till they break. Which might be never.
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        I'm currently on my second pair of Kathoola Microspikes in I think about 5 years.
        The only issues I've had so far are the instep side on one of both pairs eventually has worn through the rubber grommet, resulting in a needed field repair, which was easily accomplished with a small length of para-cord.
        The only other maintenance I've done on Microspikes is occasionally apply some melted Paraffin Wax on the chain & spikes to help prevent snowball build up.


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          Mine are beyond repair after the massive amount of use they got this winter!
          Spikes are all rounded, links ground down, held together with zip ties!
          Time for a new pair....