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    I've found what seems to be a high quality A-frame tent with sturdy aluminum poles similar in shape to an Eureka Timberline but it's lighter green with some yellow panels. I have opened fly and tent and found no ID. All seems like new with no stains etc. The problem is the odor---strong odor! I would like to know your opinion of the possibility that this would dissipate or could be removed.

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    Use Mirazyme. It's made for that sort of thing.

    Don't machine wash!! (it will tear the mosquito netting to shreds)
    Don't use regular household cleaners (they ruin the water repellency and the smell attracts animals)

    You can probably hand wash it with "Sport wash" for just regular cleaning. This is also a good idea before you refresh the water repellent coating with a spray. sport wash is also good for outdoor clothing. But it may not fully remove the odor. that's what the mirazyme is for.
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      when I first bought my tent new from the box the tarp had a weird smell similar to a dead squirrel in your wall. It lasted for the first 2 uses and now it is gone. Not sure if that helps you.