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boot sealant & stiffener?

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  • boot sealant & stiffener?

    Curious what is the best sealant to use for not only waterproofing leather boots, but also helps stiffen them up a bit, and what is the best way to apply it?
    I have used Sno-seal, which seems to work well for water proofing, but it doesn't seem to last very long and doesn't seem to do much for stiffening up the leather.
    I have also used a spray Spar-Urethane on them occasionally which seems to help, but again it doesn't seem to last very long.

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    I have used Snow seal for a good many years with good luck, What I do is put my boots next to the wood stove , get them warm an put a coat on then, put them back buy the stove, I keep doing this an put about three or four coats on them.I do this about once or twice in the winter. I also do my hiking boots that way so they will be ready for spring.


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      I still use bees wax. Pretty much the same way Bob uses the Snow Seal (also a great product). You can use your oven with low temperature as well. The object is to fully saturate the pores of the leather.
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        I dripped some pure tung oil cut with citrus solvent on my leather Vasque boots. After 2 years the spots still show up as stains... Tung oil is a natural wood sealer that is supposed to remain flexible as far as expansion and contraction are concerned with wood floors/furniture... Per haps an experiment with an old pair of work boots....maybe mixed with bees wax...
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          I use Limmer Boot Grease.
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            Be careful putting your boots too near the wood stove. The adhesive they use on new boots (without sewn welts) is sensitive to high temperature. I found out the hard way.
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              Thanks guys.