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    IMHO, no list is complete without the Sportsman
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      Alps makes a nice 3 season 2 scout tent that is 4 lbs and has come through amazing rain storms for $65 on sale to scouts. I agree their synthetic bags are car camping big, but they also have down bags that scouts can pick up for $85. My son uses their 4500 cui Denali pack. We paid under $60 for it new and it has lasted well and is lighter than many packs (under 3 lbs). I guess what I am saying is some of their stuff may help a scout get out without breaking their parents. What is low end to you may work well for others.
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        I don't know, when a companies biggest and best claim about their gear is that it "is made in the same factory in China where REI has all of their gear made," you have to wonder about the quality. (This was an actual quote on their website about 4 years ago when I was purchasing a bulk order from them from the PSC Outing Club.)


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          If you're into Ultralight, check out:


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            Too many people rely on inadequate or poor quality hiking equipment. This does not just risk an uncomfortable hike but also endangers their health and survival. OOPS we said SURVIVAL. The biggest complaint mountain rescue teams have is that people go out on the hills and mountains without the basic equipment needed for survival.The personal stove would be on the top of my wish list. Lots of good suggestions here. I love being organized like that. And stuff sacks are definitely the answer.


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