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  • Winter Hiking Lean To Suggestions

    Hello group, Looking for suggestions on a 10-20mile loop or out and back with lean to availably, coming in next week for mid week hiking. Staying at heart lake campground Thursday. While i do have winter backpacking experience, (i live 7 hours from the Daks,) so familiarity with the area is my weak spot. Difficulty and elevation are not that important(understand Winter conditions are much different)getting away from the masses important.
    Thank you in advance.
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    For just one night?

    High Peaks region will have deeper snow but also trails that are more likely to be broken out. Other parts of the ADKs won't have snow that is nearly so deep as the High Peaks, but the trails (especially more remote ones) are much less likely to be broken out.

    Sone trailheads are also seasonal, which rules out some popular summer loops, like the West Canada Lakes.

    The Marcy Dam -> Avalanche Pass -> Lake Colden -> Feldspar -> Lake Arnold -> Marcy Dam loop in the High Peaks clocks in at roughly 14 miles and the majority of this loop is typically well broken out. You'd get to see some stellar High Peaks scenery along the way without even needing to summit any peaks, too.

    Something in the Pharaoh Lake wilderness could work, although that falls into the "less snow but also less likely to be broken out" category.