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  • Using the forum 'search' feature

    Can anyone tell me how to use the forum search so that it looks to find more than a single word by itself? In other words, the search would be performed looking for a pair of words or more grouped together, or possibly even a phrase.

    For example, right now if I were to search for "Hour Pond" the results would be posts with either the word 'hour' or 'pond' occurring in them by themselves, rather than both words together and in order. Getting every occurrence of the word 'pond' obviously does little to narrow the search as it appears thousands of times. Same with the word 'hour'.

    That was just one specific example, but the problem frequently frustrates me when searching various topics. Consider "High Falls", "Lows Ridge", "Lake George", "Little Moose Mountain" - the list could go on and on.

    I've tried searching with the two or more words in quotation marks, but that makes no difference.

    Is there some simple method with which a search can be done in this manner?
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    The best way to do this would actually be to use Google search. You can search any specific site by typing site:URL into the Google search bar.

    So for your Hour Pond search, go to Google and type in "Hour Pond"

    Google knows what the quotes mean (as in, you want that specific set of words, not the individual words). The forum's search apparently doesn't

    Hope that helps!
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      Thank you! That does help as I was completely unaware of the site specific search feature using Google.

      They've got some smart cookies working over there at the googaplex (figuratively and literally).