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    I just read that Wilson Bickford, a renowned North Country artist, passed away in late December due to complications from Covid.

    I enjoy his show (Painting with Wilson Bickford, which airs on WPBS and Create TV), his presentation, and painting style. I think he had 8 seasons of shows under his belt. I also read that he studied with William Alexander - the guy that taught and inspired Bob Ross.

    It know that Wilson would hold classes in small venues at various locations around northern NY. Taking a class with him was something I had on my bucket list. In fact, I was checking out his website to see about signing up for a class...that's when I read that he passed. I'm curious to know if anyone on here ever took one of his classes. He seemed like he was laid back and a very good instructor. I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet him. RIP Mr. Bickford