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Can you grow trees in your house?

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    I used isopropyl alcohol right on the foliage, and that seemed to work.

    We never had issue with our indoor plants before because they don't go out, and don't have many visitors. I'm sure these came with the spruce. I treated the spruce, and like a dummy, neglected to treat the other plants. Soon enough they had them, so I wound up retreating everything. We'll see if I got 'em.


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      Actually, like a lot of things I was never into plants or gardening before I had kids. I guess maybe I wasn't home enough. I used to think it odd and a waste of time - especially like old Italian guys and their yard gardens, I just didn't get it.

      Then after I had kids I did a little landscaping to my yard to make it nicer for them, and fix some other things up, and I turned out really getting attached to my plants. Something awoke an ancient agrarian urge. I'm not at the point of talking to them or anything, but I do take care of them all to some degree.

      I grew some wildflowers last year and it was fantastic. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't seed them right, but I wound up getting so many bees - I never even knew we had so many around. I'm thinking of planting a whole section of my yard like that this year.


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        Funniest story about the ladybugs and aphids...

        One of my boys (in Kindergarten) comes home a few days after the post mentioning this and says something aphids. I couldn't figure out what he meant at first, but eventually I got out of him that his teacher told him that ladybugs eat aphids.

        I was a bit perplexed at this at first and I thought he asked her about it (because of my aphids) but eventually I found out they were just learning about insects and she mentioned that. I have no idea if he remembered me talking about the aphids and that's why he mentioned it, or if it was pure chance. But either way, it's been confirmed from multiple sources!


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          I grew up not far from the former DEC tree nursery near Lowville, on the Black River at Dadville. The facility manager forester lived in the house with his large family of 9, which is now converted to the area DEC field office. Two of the family boys were my age and we all grew up with the 100 acre nursery and the river as our playground. To control aphids, and maybe other harmful bugs as well, the nursery would buy and import lady bugs by the millions to release into the tree seedling fields.
          "Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth." -Walt Whitman