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Lean-to litter.

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  • Lean-to litter.

    I took a recent trip into a lake and lean-to in the western ADKs. Upon arrival I noticed that someone had left five cans of sardines and oysters. While this is not the crime of the century, the perp left his name, business cards and 46er # in the LT register.

    This guy obviously didn't learn anything from climbing the 46 and has never heard of LNT or "Carry In, Carry Out". This guy is also a photographer and has never heard of "Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos".

    I guess these cans were just too heavy to haul out, but how stupid to leave your name, occupation, 46er # and admit the "crime"!

    What would hapen if everyone did this?

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    A few years ago my Son and I went on a lean-to cleaning trip with Justin and his dog Jenny . We had a great time . I even dropped my camera into a pond ... retrieved it of course....After looking the leanto over I was glad we had tents.
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      Clean up your mess:

      Might be worth an info call to the local region 6 forest renger.

      This incident of a can of sardines may not rise to the level of a serious environmental violation, but for those that do:

      Report an Environmental Violation Online
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        My wife , our kids and I cleaned up a campsite next to a waterfall about 10 years ago. The campers had left their tent , sleeping bags food , cooking gear and even thrown empty beer cans into the woods. I contacted the DEC prior to the cleaning and they were very grateful for the help.


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          Holy zombie thread resurrection batman.
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            You're just pissed because he didn't leave you any crackers or hot sauce


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              Sadly it is true lean-tos are a magnet for many people. Misuse, abuse, trash, and other things left behind is not at all uncommon. A 46er status means nothing in this regard.


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                Years ago, a bunch of us spent a weekend hunting out of a lean-to where someone had left two big cans of tomatoes behind. My college buddy, a retired U.S. Marine who will eat anything, carried them out. Can't pass up free food!
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