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UPRIVER - A Watershed Film

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  • UPRIVER - A Watershed Film

    Years ago I was fortunate to have met and hire the founders of this organization for an underwater photography workshop. Have a look at Freshwaters Illustrated and this full feature film.

    "Happy World Water Weekend! We're celebrating by making our feature film UPRIVER available for free online viewing until April 15! Watch, share, and remember: WE ALL LIVE UPRIVER!
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    Haven't watched the whole of it yet, but what I have is excellent!
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      Over the Memorial Day holiday I picked up a local topics magazine at the I-81 Pennsylvania Welcome Center in Great Bend, PA. Coincidently the Susquehanna River runs through Great Bend. In the magazine was an article on an initiative to support the Chesapeake Bay clean-up by planting trees to stabilize the Susquehanna watershed.

      As it seemed so similar to the initiative in Oregon, I decided to post a link to the on-line version of the article.

      And a link to the PA organization

      I took some time to see what NY State is doing but so far I haven't found an Executive Summary with action steps. There are documents at the DEC website that are huge and filled with too much detail to digest quickly.
      Link to DEC web page

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