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  • Gaslight Village Project

    This topic came up in the Tupper Lake thread, and I think it deserves some attention on its own. Its both current and historical so I thought I would post it here along with the Tupper conversation.

    There has been huge debate surrounding this project as well, and its interesting to note that when it was being debated for a decade it was just as much of a hot potato as the Tupper project, maybe even more. Its also interesting to note that in the end when approval was given for the project its opponents had almost the exact same thing to say as the opponents to the Tupper project. The whole "I hope it doesn't happen, but don't worry they will never get any money to move it forward anyhow." idea.

    I'm not going to write out a history of the property when I can just give you links to get you up to speed real quick.

    Gaslight in photos the first 40 years:

    Gaslight in photos after business operations ended. It was like this for decades:

    The future of Gaslight thanks to concerned residents and generous donations:
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    I grew up in Hudson Falls, not far from Lake George Village, bicycled up there as a teenager, got my first job at HoJo's in LG, etc, etc. Yet I've been out of touch with LG for so long I had no idea what was happening with respect to the Gaslight Village property. Fantastic!

    The educational opportunity here is almost too good to be true. My hat is off to the visionaries and all the folks who have lined up behind this project. A great thing for the lake itself, a great thing for the economy of the village, and a great step towards bringing humanity back into harmony with nature.
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      Its really pretty amazing RS. It took forever to get it going. I'm going to be down that way later this afternoon. I'll snap a couple pics of what it looks like now. All the buildings are gone. Last I saw they were ripping up the go-kart track too. I think this spring they are meant to begin remediation of West Brook.
      Are you in possession of all of your marbles?

      WAIT a min-u-ete! I am the only one who gets to say "one more time"!