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Aristotle and the land debate

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    enjoyed reading the various articles about the land purchase and it's status. as a hiker, not a hunter or fisherman, I enjoy walking through the forest and climbing the hills. I hope at the very least The Nature Conservancy puts a clause in their lease to these clubs which opens the land to public use, to various degrees.


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      These are the kinds of threads that have the potential to get me into trouble here!

      I just have one point I'd like to make. I'll be subtle, polite and discrete!

      To those people who say that New York cannot afford to take care of the land it already has...How costly can roadless and trail-less wilderness possibly be once the funds are produced to purchase the land? I can see if they had public campsites, trails and roads to maintain in them, but in a wilderness state wouldn't they be pretty "low maintenance"?