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Old Yesterday, 02:28 PM   #41
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Join Date: Oct 2004
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Don't sweat it wb,

Synchronicity has a funny way of doing things.
Fish this.

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Originally Posted by serotonin View Post
Could you shoot a grouse or two along your way...?
Nobody has the feathers I need.
Originally Posted by 58rover View Post
It would have to be a 54 rover now, sold that one ha ha
Maybe you could run over a grouse for Sero on your way...
Oscar Wilde:Work is the curse of the drinking class
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Pauly D.
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WB and GM FYI I went to the Fly Shack in Gloversville today and they are closed until Feb 18 in case one of you planned to venture there this weekend for tying material.

Too bad that Goldstocks closed as they had a great selection plus Mark was a wealth of fly fishing knowledge. Hopefully they'll reopen in the future.

I need to visit some of the fly shops in the Wilmington area one weekend. I don't know of any others besides Crossroads in Brant Lake and they have a pretty limited selection.
Oh I'd rather go and journey where the diamond crest is flowing...
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Dicks /Field and Stream had some stuff, but ,I wasn't impressed . Had a bunch of things that were more like average stuff and not the right sizes. Actually had some decent hackles and feathers but the other intricate things, forget it...

Anyway, Sero, I found about 8 good Grouse tail feathers for you!!, but they are in the grey stage . (to me ,Im really not sure if it matters, the red or brown stage tends to make the stems change color too ,I guess..) If I you would like them ,I`ll send them out to you!!. Give me a yell on a pm..

"Get your mind off trout,if you can.I know they`ve got you.I can see it. Every fraternity of sufferers knows its brothers.Trout hook men;men don`t hook trout.Better try and throw the hook while you can.By the time you`re a grown man there probably won`t be a pure trout healthy enough to fiddle with"... Quote from Emerson in the book "The Earth Is Enough"by Harry Middleton
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Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 2,232

Thank you so much.
Take a layer off and don't sweat it; it looks like we've got it covered!

As mentioned earlier, a good friend showed up one day with a grouse from his morning.
(Minus a few feathers for DEC).
This was immediately prior to you resurrecting the Fly Swap.
As luck would have it, he introduced me to the good bird within an arm's-length of a few boxes of salt and borax.
This, and Rick Takahashi, may have influenced my Breadcrust decision on that fateful day.

Not knowing how many flies to tie, and expecting to ruin a large percentage of them,
I figured I better get some back-up feathers.
The usual suspects like J Stockard and Hook/Hackle didn't have any.
Further internet inquiries resulted in “display” fans;” $40 w/shipping. No thank you, please.

Next stop was Homer, who amazingly didn't have any.
But he confirmed that a good price would be 50 cents/feather.
Up to a dollar/per if you've cornered yourself into a resurrected Swap.

Hunting was an option, when we weren't getting hammered by snow.
During a recent snowshoe excursion, for the elusive winter medicinal mushroom,
I did not hear a single drumbeat in seven hours.
However, our mission for the target species was a resounding success.
(It was a very good day, and I love to see the Carpathian so happy)!

The search for feathers continued through the local grapevine.
The first two guys understood my predicament.
They thought they had some, but they'd have to look.
The third guy, Mr I, simply said, “Try Malinda's”.


The following morning I called Malinda.

M: Malinda's.....
S: Hi, do you have any Grouse tail?
M: I think I've got a couple full birds.
S: I just need the tail feathers.
M: Most people don't use the tail feathers.
S: I'm tying Breadcrusts...

M: I guess I could cut the tail off of one of them for you...
S: Yeah...? That would be great! ...How much?
M: I don't know... What do you think?
S: Whatever you think is fair.
M: Five bucks.
S: Sold! ...I'll take two if you can spare 'em.
M: I think I'll keep the other bird intact.
S: 's Cool.

S: I have a few friends who are frequently in your neck of the water.
Maybe one of them can pick up that tail for me.
Do you know Mr I ?

M: Mr I ...?
He's sitting five feet away from me.
Would you like me to put him on the phone?

S: Yes, please!

Thank you Malinda!


Takahashi recently described a simplified version of the Breadcrust. Never having tied the original, I decided to jump into the deep end of the pool. I might Expose myself; my underbelly. The Fool.

The humbleness of a man like Takahashi (and others), seems to have no bounds.
Boy... I've got a lot to learn.


Elsewhere, it appears that 58 color variations of Ruffed Grouse have been described in the Upper Midwest alone.
58 Rover?
While suggesting numerous feather substitutions, Homer said, “Most trout won't say anything”.

Now that wb has gotten our engine going again, he's probably caused an unexpected windfall of Grouse.
He moved a pebble; Created a landslide.
Plenty of thanks to our perpetual Swap-Meister too.

As wb suggested,
I'm up for tying two flies for each victim involved.


What's everybody else tying?
Fish this.

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