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Old 09-13-2018, 10:58 PM   #41
I bear therefore I am
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Since Neil split this drift from/with my quote, does that place an onus on me to reply?

Neil, if you tell me where that hallucinogenic water source is, and how you can tell it apart without tasting that might be a good business opportunity.

Sourcing clear (non turbid) water allows oneself to treat it with UV / iodine / boil without having to filter the 'muck' (protozoa, sediment and other "wildlife") out of it first. The taste is usually immeasurably better also.

Hypochondriacs should carry their water in, though those plastic bottles usually contain micro plastics. (pick your poison)

FWIW, I've had far more instances of gastrointestinal problems with restaurant food than with spring water sourced from the woods.

In the end what you elect to do is (thankfully, still) up to you.
Feverishly avoiding "a steady stream of humanity, with a view that offers little more than butts, boots, elbows and backsides". (description quote from Joe Hackett)
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Old 09-18-2018, 04:35 PM   #42
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Originally Posted by Lucky13 View Post
...Past experience working in Public Health informs me that this is an almost sure ticket to a case of Giardia. There is no "safe water" flowing overland or coming out of the ground...
True. People often get a way with it, but there's no way of knowing if it's safe before drinking it. Thus, it's not safe water.

Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
How common was it in the not too recent past along back roads to see a pipe sticking out of a slope with "clean" water flowing out of it. Often with a couple of cars waiting with empty jugs to fill. Many of those I remember have since been removed...
For good reason:
A more intensive follow-up study in 2014-2015 on ten of the 37 [PA]roadside springs found that they consistently failed drinking water standards throughout the year, including some presence of both Giardia and Cryptosporidium cysts.

Originally Posted by Neil View Post
Slimmer's article was very firmly refuted in Adirondack Peeks magazine by Brendan Wiltse, Ph.D, Science and Stewardship director, Certified Lake manager, NALMS.
Dr. Wiltse states that while it is difficult to quantify the risk of infection it is easy to manage the risk...
Dr. Wiltse is right. Schlimmer's article should not be taken seriously. He has no expertise in the field. Anyone can cherry pick evidence and come up with any result they want. He has simply repackaged Welch's debunked research.

Here's how the CDC responded to Welch: Although the advice to universally filter and disinfect backcountry drinking water to prevent disease has been debated, the health consequences of ignoring that standard water treatment advice have been documented…

Dr. Welch made up the "fact" that most backcountry giardiasis infections can be traced to poor hand hygiene. As far as I know, 100% of CDC verified backcountry giardiasis outbreaks have been traced to water. Giardiasis is primarily a waterborne pathogen in any case.

I've collected most of the pertinent scientific studies here.
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