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Originally Posted by EagleCrag View Post
Wooden: How much do you weigh and what are you going to use the canoe for? I weigh 200 lbs and stopped in at Racquette River Outfitters to look at the Adk 13.6 which I thought might be a good choice for me for some overnight (2 -3 day solo) trips. I was advised against it as they said by the time I loaded all my gear I would be pushing the boat's intended limits.
I have the PBW Spitfire 13 and I weigh 240# and it handled me, my food, camping and fishing gear with an extra paddle etc for an extended 7 day trip pond hopping in Algonquin Park. 2-3 day solo trips would are a piece of cake. I never felt or did it look overloaded nor did it feel unstable. My trip partner had a Rapid Fire on the trip as well but we were essentially solo tripping. Here's a look at the PBW's in action on the Algonquin trip:
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