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Originally Posted by TCD View Post
Choice depends on two things: Fit, and Need for warmth.

Fit: Everyone's foot shape is different. Try on several brands and models. It's not something you can really do well online, unless it's a repeat purchase.

Need for warmth: Again, everyone is different. For example, my feet (and hands) get cold easily (due to Raynaud's). If I went on a winter hike in the Salomon Quest, my next stop would be the ER for amputations. So I wear the Salomon Toundra (kind of like a pac boot, big and soft and heavily insulated). With room for thick wool socks and chemical heaters. But again, your needs may vary; no one else can guess how much insulation you need.
Good advice -- I'm kind of with you on the cold feet thing. My feet are always cold even when the rest of me isn't. So I was really just looking for some good brand names to research. I basically want the warmest boot I can get that is still viable to hike a few miles in. So this thread helped. Thanks.
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