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Where did we go wrong ?

I see that a thread concerning a first time gun owner (and his son) was looking for advice and input from the hunters here. The subject turned towards ethics and opinions were expressed regarding that. At no time (that I saw) were any illegal activities discussed . No anti- gun or anti- hunting opinions were expressed. Just opinions as to what most hunters feel is moraly and ethicly correct , they try to hold themselves to a higher standard than "just the bare minimum of what the law allows" , No diferent than hikers that try to avoid mud season , or trout fishermen that stay off the water in late summer because the fish are stressed from low water.
I re-read the "no tolerance" rule for this section of the forum , and see no reason why said thread was deleted
I also understand the owners haveing the final say , and right to delete offensive threads , but I don't think this had crossed that line.
I hope that in the future we, in the hunting and fishing section , have the ability to discuss our morals and ethics , especially with new commers to our sports so as to help instill those important values that a new commer may not have been exposed to .

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