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Condensation ?

Been backpacking over 35 years but I'm looking for some advice on a real basic issue

Not sure if I brought this up before but last summer on my last leg of the NPT I took a new Big Agnes Scout. Never used it before but I was doing 16 miles that day and I needed to pare weight.

I'm doing the CL 50 this spring...(anyone wanna come along)..and I'd like to bring that w/me but I had a serious condensation issue with it that night...drenched inside and out...and I did not even sleep in it.

It was pitched in the open, clear night, flap open. Ended up sleeping in the lean-to. Didn't think it was all that humid but anything left outside of the lean-to was drenched. I'm leery of hauling a single wall tent after that, but I have to believe no tent would have escaped unscathed.

A friend had his Half Dome tent under canopy, no issues. So I suppose that is the answer but I figured I'd ask here.

So....What happened? And how can I avoid it?
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