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Wow. Some of the comments here are more disgusting than the scene at the campsite.

None of us know these people or what type of "benefits" they are receiving and why. We don't know what type of medication they are taking or why. All we know is they made the unfortunate and shortsighted decision to leave bagged trash at a campsite. While that's an indication of a need for more education, it's not a reason to pillory strangers for relying on the social safety nets that help many of our fellow Americans, and that we are lucky not to need (at the moment).

The call for increased enforcement is a good one, but keep in mind that the same comments about "my tax dollars at work" here are what keep enforcement budgets down. 99% of New Yorkers would say the same thing about wilderness enforcement: we have bigger problems, why should I be spending tax dollars so a few yahoos can go in the woods a couple of times a year?

In any case, thanks to James these folks will be learning a lesson and hopefully getting the necessary education so they can enjoy the outdoors in the future while leaving it in a state that others can enjoy as well. That should be all there is to it.

We're all on the forums out of a love of the outdoors, but we are all also part of the same society (yep, even you Canadians, in a roundabout way). We look out for each other here, and we should do the same in the bigger picture. We're better than this.
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