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Originally Posted by geogymn View Post
I traditionally go in the first week of rifle but was delayed this year due to an UFC fight that I couldn't miss. I stayed in 6 nights and had an awesome time albeit I didn't see a single deer. That is my wilderness hunt that I love. After that I hunt down south for meat. My daughter is on an anti factory farm raised meat kick which I love, " Honey, I need to go hunting, you wouldn't want your daughter to go hungry" Smiles! It's all a game, sometimes you bite the bear and most times it bites you. But the yang makes the yin so much sweeter.
The cherry trees had an awesome mast this fall in that area , surprised you didn't get a chance at a nice free range bear for your freezer. Maybe those cherry stands were closer to twin lakes stream , I don't hunt there so just going by what I heard from others.

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