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I have four of them that I use for my SAR team and for Yukon River canoe racing. This is the model that was issued to NYSDEC Rangers a few years ago, but have since replaced most of them with newer models. I have no complaints with the old 60. As a matter of fact I bought the model 62 when it came out and hated it, as it ate batteries. The old 60s keep running after 24+ hours (most important during the 24+ hour Yukon races; I run two of them side by side with different displays). But I could set my watch when the 62 batteries (lithium) run out at just 7 hours time after time. I almost threw the dang thing in the river. My SAR team also has a 64 and a 66, but I still prefer the 60 the best, for a couple of other reasons beyond battery life. I found a spare 60 on ebay, which I snatched up quickly. i would advise anyone to do the same. Note, Garmin no longer supports the 60 with system updates, so you take what you can get.
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