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There's quite a bit of detail on these reports, particularly by town. WMU is more coarse and represents the state more.

I'll tell you what, your chances of seeing a bear in the WMUs shown in white is very, very small and the chances are much better where bears are harvested, particularly the orange areas. I don't know a lot about the Catskills, but the area along the PA border is quite rural and there is a healthy bear population there. The map shows this pretty well.

I'd also probably argue the trend that shows the High Peaks area having a lower density based on hunting data of WMUs. Yes, there are more problem bears there, but there's also less of a habitat for bears.
Again, the #'s of bear taken by hunters doesn't reflect where the majority of the bear are actually located within the state.

The Southern Zone, particularly the Catskills, has a bear harvest that is disproportionate to its actual portion of the total bear population...mostly because hunters there have an easier time identifying food sources and accessing the bear habitat.

If anything, the harvest data should give hunters an idea of where not to go due to competition from other hunters. Wildlife viewing in those areas during a non-hunting season might be a different story...
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