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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
I don't have mine on hand to easily measure, but I'd say about 70+ inches sounds right. That's about how tall I am and I know that my ropes aren't much longer than that (if they're any longer at all).

It sounds like you're familiar with hauling a sled but just in case- running the ropes through PVC pipes, and then crossing the pipes in an x-pattern will keep the sled from catching up to you on the downhills.

Also, my first sled was way to big. Through trial and error, I've found that unless you're walking on a well-packed out, groomed trail, the sled works best if it supplements your pack rather than replaces it entirely. I.e., only about a third of your total gear (by weight) should be in the sled. To facilitate this, one of the smaller gear sleds I think is best (something like this).
I have mine set now at 80 so I guess we're close. I am familiar with the x-ropes which are set and the pvc which I may forego. THANKS! And thanks for the other info too.
The trail likely won't be groomed but could be by snowmobile track but unlikely.
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