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thanks, I have been reading on regs- bear canister, camping, no fires (i never make them anyway) the bear canister thing will be new to me but not a problem. parking is starting to concern me though, since i'll probably arrive around noon-1pm on a saturday.

as for mileage.... yeah 20 mile dayS (as in several in a row) is probably too much. one single 18 mile or so day though? again, with the whites as the frame of reference, i don't think thats beyond my ability.

what is probably beyond my comfort level is map and compassing my way down unmarked trails of any notable length, probably save that for next trip.

i'll check out the great range. it also occurs to me thinking this idea of using a basecamp through more that i'd probably rather hit only two peaks that aren't right next to each other than 3 or 4 that are. like marcy plus one 5-6 miles away maybe.
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