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Some general advice:

>Trails are pretty tough here; you might want to scale back the mileage a bit.

>Pick up the ADK Guidebook to the High Peaks:

Good detailed book, the definitive resource for what you want to do.

>Get this map:

(DO NOT buy the inferior Nat Geo map that ADK pushes. Tony's updated map is superior for several reasons.)

>Spend an evening studying the guidebook and map (yes, look at paper documents!). This will answer almost all your questions about hiking in the area.

Specific advice:

>Marcy and Lake Tear are cool destinations. Easy to pick up nearby peaks with marked include Haystack, Skylight, Colden.

>Determine where you want to park and start/finish. Choices of trails, destinations, campsites etc. are dependent on where you want to park.

>Educate yourself on the current parking disaster being promulgated by NY State, and plan accordingly.

>If you decide to add several peaks, REALLY scale back the miles. Unlike the AT, where you are rolling along a ridge, here you often go way down (1000+') and then back up. Tough going with a camping pack.

>Consider the "basecamp and day hike" model. Most folks don't like to carry the camp up to the summits.

>Once you have a few choices of itinerary, then check back here and at ADKHighPeaks (the sister forum that is more specific to where you are going) and people will be able to give lots of current and specific advice.

Good luck and have fun!
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