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So I did do the Weekender at Paul Smiths, was a blast! A very nicely done and organized event. I'll definitly be back again for future events that jive with my schedule, and hopefully the Ultimate Cycling Vacation next year.

Weather was a mixed bag that got worse... Friday was great, Saturday was mixed with some sprinkles (luckily I was at the Fish Creek Ponds rest stop under shelter and waited it out) but majority of the ride was great, then Sunday it rained all morning and I bailed on that day. Nice thing about the Weekender is it's all based out of Paul Smiths so you can opt out of a ride if you want, they have plenty of off bike alternatives, rock climbing, hiking, canoeing, etc. The weekender is a good value too, but if you opt to stay on site at the dorm rooms they're a bit pricey for what you get IMO. I've got to remember to bring my own air mattress or something next year, and a fan (no AC and it was kind of hot that weekend).

I'll share a few pics...

Friday's afternoon ride

Some of the views on Friday

Friday rest stop

Lakeside BBQ at Paul Smith's

Saturdays ride (I skipped a little section of Saranac Lake since I was running behind)

Mandatory stop at Donnelly's

View near Donnelly's

Saturday's dinner and entertainment was at the VIC, plus I went on a nice short hike there

Presentation Saturday evening from the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation

Loon shot right from the shore near the dorm, too bad the lighting totally sucked

Would like to have done the Sunday ride but had a blast Friday and Saturday
Shoes not required

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