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Everything other guys mentioned plus...

I used a Klymit insulated air mattress plus a thermarest in the winter. Just an air mattress means your body has to heat up the air as the ground is cooling it.

I unfold the roll in a watch cap so it comes down to the tip of my nose and bring neck gaiter up over my chin. Mouth still clear. My zero degree synthetic mummy has a draft tube across the chest. So occasionally I will pull hood tight and have mouth slightly inside the bag pointed at blow hole. Just this space seems to allow air to warm a bit and the draft tube keeps condensation out of main part of bag.

At Scout winter camping training a guy had a home made elephant nose. Sort of a mask with short tube. I was not sure I could get to work, wouldn't it just fold in like a sock?

And some people like breather masks like these:

I used to use a 3 season tent but am switching over to hammocks. The sock that goes over my hammock does increase the temp in the hammock slightly. And a winter tarp keeps wind off but is more vented than a tent. But you absolutely need good under insulation. We just did 15F, which ain't -40C. There are some guys that go that low but it gets pricey.

I've done -10F in a tent and was fine but am not sure about -40 to far into the woods. Really thins out the safety margin unless of course you work your way up to it.
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