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Originally Posted by nickchevy View Post

My question for you overnighters, what do you use to combat the dry frigid air from impacting your breathing/core temp?
Mostly, just keep your core as warm as possible. Let your core get cold, your body starts diverting blood flow from the extremities. Not knowing the temp rating of the bag you were in, the one place you may want to improve is the sleeping pad. It's not only about cushion comfort, especially in the winter, it is insulation from the ground & one pad, especially most of the inflatables, really doesn't cut it. I always use a second, closed cell foam pad with my inflatable in winter. Since you are laying on and compressing the sleeping bag, it doesn't give much insulation at those points, the right pads are an essential part of the kit.
I wouldn't put anything completely over my face, as Dsettahr said, it just does what it did, catches the condensation and freezes. When it's nasty cold, you tighten the mummy bag down to have a blow hole to breath through and just deal with it. If your core is warm enough, you should be fine. I sometimes put a wool hat or mitt over my nose, across my face, but not to cover my nostrils, just to keep my nose warm. You have to pay the piper somewhere for this kind of fun.
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