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Boreas Ponds Revisit

Link to photo album

Enjoyed a very fun return trip to Boreas Ponds this weekend with my good
buddies Russ, Bill, Jeff, & Bella. Bill (along with Bella) & I arrived early, and
prepared our canoes for the 3.5 mile portage along the rest of the road.

We would be meeting up with Russ & Jeff a little later in the day, and we
made pretty good time along the road arriving at LeBier Flow in just under
50 minutes.

New gravel walkways have been installed at the put-in & take-out at LeBier
Flow, but we opted to stick to the road rather than unload & reload everything.

15 minutes later we arrived at Boreas Ponds & headed out across the water
towards the amazing views of the high peaks.

After exploring around the ponds a bit, we noticed that people have been
busy improvising numerous campsites, some of which were right along the road, and right on the shore.

So far nothing is offically designated, but there is a new thunderbox behind
the clearing where the lodge once stood.

We opted to camp at a site that we found a couple years ago near the
remains of an old camp. Obviously others have been using the site also,
as the pile of split wood was not there on our last visit.

I was happy to see that the old woodstove is still there, along with some of
the old artifacts from the old camp.

We met up with Russ & Jeff in the early afternoon, and enjoyed the rest of the
day at camp with some cold beers & good conversation, until the sun began
to set. So I took the canoe out for another spin to snap some photos of one
of the most gorgeous sunsets I've ever witnessed! What colors! No filter was needed.

What a great trip!
On Sunday I counted 11 different paddle crafts out on the water, and 2 cars
parked at the dam, which was a little disheartening. One of which was an older
group that got out of the car to enjoy the view from the dam, only to leave 10 minutes later.
After saying hello to the Ranger who showed up as we were packing up,
we made our way down the road back to our vehicles & concluded a fantastic
weekend outing.

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