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Thanks for the tips guys. The biggest frustration has to be the lack of detailed info on the web coupled with the lack of availability in local stores. I can understand when an online retailer like REI or Backcountry puts up limited info for a product. But it blows my mind that the manufacturer themselves falls short in this area. Just browsing Burton's site (for example) few of the product pages list outside-to-inside pocket access, button vs snaps, boot hook vs all elastic gaitors, etc.
However, I know that these features are there because I checked them out at an REI while I was traveling. Other manufacturers have similarly lacking websites.
Oh well, end rant.

Question about vents: I've always had pants with crotch vents and typically keep them open when hiking, but only find them marginally better. Do outside vents work better than crotch vents? Anyone tried pants with both? Crossflow?
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