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I have not bought any pants in a while. But here goes:

>Try to get full side zips (unfortunately hard to find and pricey). This allows for venting, pocket access, and on-and-off over any footwear.

>There are really only two fabric categories, despite the marketing hype:

>>Waterproof breathable (Gore Tex, or other membrane based fabric);
>>Soft Shell (Scholler, or other treated nylon / spandex fabric).
(All other terminology is marketing BS.)
For both fabric types, performance varies by brand and cost. You have to look at reviews.

>The string under the boot is actually pretty easy to use. I have that on both my current winter pants. Helps keep them down flat to the boot, and keeps out some snow. Even under a gaiter, these help to keep a flat, tight assembly.

Good luck!
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