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Question Need Winter Shell Pant Suggestions

Hi all, I've decided to retire my winter pants (too much duct tape, can't close the waist, lost a boot hook) and I've been both disappointed and confused by the options I've seen in the stores. Online descriptions never seem to cover the item details very well. So I'm open to suggestions.

I haven't used insulated pant's since I was a kid and once I switched to shell pants I really liked being able to tailor the level of warmth to the activity and weather. So unless I heard a really compelling argument, I'd like to stay with shells.

Second, I have always had a bootlace hook on the internal cuff and thought of this a pretty necessary. However, it seems this feature is pretty rare these days. I saw some with 2 rings on the cuff that look like they were meant for a string that would go under your arch. If that is what they are for, then it seems like it would be a pain to manage with gloves on.

Other features I would prefer are crotch vents, abrasion guard on the outer cuff, outer zippers that allow access to pockets on under garments, adjustable waistband that sits nice under a pack waistbelt, and belt loops.

I saw a lot of pants with button waist instead of snaps. Always had snaps and buttons seem like they would be a pain with gloves. Also saw many pants that seemed to be leaning toward the current fashion trends of slimmer fit and lower riding on the hips.

As for uses, these would be mainly for skiing (touring and resort), winter summits and the occasional winter overnight.

True waterproof would be a requirement, but in the stores it is really hard to tell what's meant by "weather resistant", "water resistant", "water repellant" etc.

Thoughts, suggestions, recommendations?
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