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Originally Posted by Ezra View Post
So We have decided on Avalanche Lake MT Marcy Loop! I have a backpacking tent with a net and I also have Bear canisters, which seem oddly big to carry around. I have always wondered about Lean to's they are so open, easy for a bear to come around?
Avalanche camp area is really nice, and there are lots of great tent sites. Make sure to cook and store your bear canister away from your tent (preferably 150-200 feet away, or about 70 - 100 paces), because there are bears active in that area and you don't want food near your tent. Also, don't leave your canister open and unlocked while cooking and eating. Take out what you need and close your canister to minimize the chance of a bear getting to it. Try to minimize your trash by re-packaging your food into small zip-loc bags at home. Bring a gallon-size freezer-grade zip-loc for your trash, and make sure it goes in your bear can, as well as any yummy-smelling toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, sunscreen, etc.). Bears are usually most active around dusk, so try to eat while it's still light out. It's very rare for a bear to approach, let alone enter, a lean-to, unless there is food left there. Hopefully, you shouldn't have a problem if your food is stored correctly.

Avalanche Pass is a really special place, and I hope that you have good weather on Marcy. Have a great time!
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