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Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

I was very pleased with how easy it was to export my route from RideWithGps to Locus Maps via a kml file. It didn't include my POI's but not sure I need them. Perhaps I'll investigate further at some point.

Also took a look at the route in Google Earth was really cool. Made me realize that my routing along the Lost Lookout trail had us hanging off the side of a cliff so I corrected that.

Happy to hear it will be as easy to export from Locus to RideWithGps when I began creating tracks.

Thanks for the info regarding search and navigation. Worked exactly as you detailed so it appears the functionality is included with the free version. Will be helpful next time I need to use an outhouse.

It appears that the app can also be used for vehicle navigation. Didn't realize that, I'll check it out.

Thanks again,
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