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It's just a week, but the DEC camps for ages 11-17 are great.
My daughter went back a second year to volunteer for a few weeks.
She was sponsored in part by the local Garden Club. Now our gun club sends 1 to 3 kids a year. Currently $350/week.

Your kids sound a bit young, but you might want to check out Sea and Air Scouts.
I went into the Sea Scouts after Boy Scouts.... don't know if there's a ship in your area. It was sponsored by the Lion's Club. They had a barn in back with two 16 foot X-Boats (popular with all Sea Scout ships around the Saint Louis area and a 17 foot Turnover. We learned how to take care of the boats in the winter and to sail and race in the summer. Helped me get jobs in High School working the waterfront at summer camps (need also the Red Cross Life Guard cert).

There was also an Air Scout plane in the Saint Louis area....

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