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Let me add a bit on some specifics of what we did with kids in the EST program I founded:
Built, sold, and deployed bat houses and conducted bat surveys.
Conducted a year long stream study of the Indian Kill which resulted in NYS DEC to conduct a follow-up survey and the town to reconvene their Water Quality Coordinating Committee after a 10 year absence. The study also resulted in remediation of an illicit discharge.
Hiking/camping: To such places as Grizzle Ocean Treadway and Pharoah mountains, snowsheing to Broomkstick Lake, Chub Pond, Good Luck Lake and Mountain.
Participated in River Watch Clean Water Congress...EST members had to do public speaking on the studies they were working on.
An outing with DEC staff on Moose radio tracking up at Perkins Clearing.
Canoe trips down the Battenkill, Mohawk Rivers.
Participated in shoreline clean-ups recording the type and weight of debris collected for a national research program.
Held weekly meetings with occasional guest speakers.
One year I had the group featured in the Gazette on the Lifestyles page i.e. 2 full pages in color about the kids/program and then kept them in the news paper with articles about them every other month for the year. The articles covered their activities they were doing.
One older kid, he was ~19 at the time, hooked up with me to help run the program and learn from it as well. He went off to ESF, got his masters and PhD and is now a section Chief with the DEC Division of water...

Anyways, like I said it can be done if one puts the effort in...
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