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Originally Posted by webby459 View Post

The question I have, I think, is whether people here (past scouts or not) think that the programs and/or resources of these organizations can practically be replaced by something else?

I never was a scout but grew up spending the entire summer on an Adirondack lake without electricity. Needless to say we swam, skied, hiked, fished, and played outside all day and sometimes the nights. When my eldest son joined the scouts I wasn't thrilled and ended up establishing an organization called the Environmental Study Team (EST). This was a co-ed group of kids and we got involved in hiking, camping, and environmental stewardship projects, etc. It launched me into my current career as well. Anyways, I don't lead this group anymore but it is still in existence and has even branched out into chapters. An EST group or some facsimile there of can easily be established and lead by 1-2 parents it they are willing to put the time in. If you are in the Schoharie area you can contact this organization about their program and learn how they do it and I'd be happy to answer and questions as well:
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