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Originally Posted by webby459 View Post
What have people done to help their dogs with black flies? I’ll probably be going out for a few days the second week in June with the dog and expect them to be heavy then. I’m reticent to use any deet on her.

Take this picture as a bit of warning about bringing the dogs during heavy black fly season.

Ever since this trip (which I actually cut way short and retreated from as quick as possible for my dog's sake) I've tended to leave dogs home on multi-day trips at the peak of BF season. It kills hiking dogs to watch owners leave without them, but it's simply not worth it IMHO when the bugs can be at their worst.

On this particular trip the first two days during my hike in were fine - there were definitely flies and mosquitos, but nothing too bad or above average. Unfortunately, things changed dramatically and they begin to swarm after I was in fairly deep. By that time I had bushwhacked way off trail, far in the interior and a long way from the trailhead I accessed the area from. I hiked out as quick as I could, but you can see what happened in the interim. Lesson learned.

Other than that I use Frontline or Advantix and a dog safe bug spray on exposed skin. Something more potent in extreme cases if it becomes absolutely necessary.

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