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First off, don't buy anything until you've tried various canoes and kayaks. Make use of the various outfitters mentioned above. You may find that your significant other just isn't into paddling, nothing wrong with that but no sense buying a tandem if you end up going alone.

Second - stick to smaller lakes to start, ST Regis Outfitters has a location on Floodwood Pond, nice pond to get use to paddling and handling a boat. Perhaps try a couple of different boats over the course of a day. Bring a lunch, paddle and then stop at a open campsite and enjoy lunch & a view. If you are feeling comfortable, you can paddle down Fish Creek a ways and then turn around and come back.

Third - Start with short trip and one that allows for an easy bailout back to the start. Remember this is suppose to be fun, don't over plan and over extend you first few times out.

It takes some time to have confidence in a boat. Newbies tend to believe that they will flip at any moment, which is just not true. In fact, if its a warm summer day & the water is warm, try leaning the boat over to see how far it goes. Do this near shore and you get practice and a refreshing dip! Remember to relax and have fun
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