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Newbie questions

I have never owned a boat, nor have I gone on any significant canoe or kayak expedition (say more than 3 hours). Reading The Trails of the Adirondacks has triggered my interest in knowing more about paddling in the area. But being such a newbie, I have no idea where to start.

Here is some background:
- I generally find that kayaks are more comfortable - in fact, I rarely find comfort in a canoe, but maybe I'm doing it wrong
- I enjoy fishing (as a leasurly activity, nothing serious), but I probably would not be confident enough to fish out of a canoe, much less of a kayak
- my significant other does not enjoy camping, so overnight trips are probably out of the question
- I'm not scared of a little portage

So, for starters, what would make the most sense? A 2-person canoe? Two 1-person kayaks? Other?

I realize this might seem stupid, I am truly a newbie in paddling.
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