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Adirondacks in the winter....

Well, I like to look out the window at all of the snow!

Seriously, we CC ski, snowshoe, and skate. This year, I'm making a serious attempt at the winter round of the 46. I only have 8 right now, about 30 if you count numerous skis up the Whiteface Auto Road. I just can't take the cold that well anymore, so I'm really working at staying in good shape and acclimating to the cold as much as possible. This is my year to either make good gains to complete the round, or give it up as a bad idea.

Women hikers? My take is this and it may upset some of you: They are not as good as the men; they're better. No doubt, hands down, they are better. They have more stamina, sweat less (so important) and complain MUCH less because they're physically tougher.

My 2 cents
Happy Trails!

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