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Originally Posted by bigkevkayaker View Post
Back from Lows Lake last weekend for 4 days 3 nights on a brisk spring weekend. Water level was high, but not extreme. Smooth sailing to the dam and carry, but the bog situation was difficult. 2 large trees and a waterlogged trunk blocked the small channel left, too heavy to move by hand. So up and over bog, and sloshing back into boat. Smooth sailing again and lake was all ours. All the sites where empty, only saw a couple in a canoe when we were almost out. Many osprey, and fortunate to get a close up look of a Juvenile bald eagle take off on a nearby tree. Molting, he looked white and black, and quite impressive. Road was blocked and some of the dirt road where pavement ends blocked as well ruts in the road and water on the trail

Overall great weekend, one tarp day but well prepared
Thanks for the report. I heard maintenance was done on the access road and the gate is open. I am planning on going soon and really looking forward to it. Thanks again.

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